Published Sep 12, 2021

The Only AI That Understands Your Information Like a Human

Go beyond Human Intelligence with Cognni’s AI  

In the traditional security world, organizations have many intelligence solutions at their disposal, but the most valuable resource of all is human intelligence, providing invaluable context to otherwise static data. When it comes to cyber security, Information Security (InfoSec) and Information Protection, Cognni uses Information Intelligence that resembles human cognition to fill the gaps and connect the dots as a human would – providing extra context to files and folders. Additionally, with Cognni’s mapping and investigation capabilities, InfoSec teams can now understand what information they really have and how it’s being shared.  

Our solution overcomes the limitations of Information Discovery tools 

Today, InfoSec tools rely on Information Discovery that can only find regulated data based on regular expressions (RegEx), which are recognized patterns across company information environments. While this method can pinpoint credit card numbers or PII, without deeper dive into the context and concepts within critical information, it’s impossible to know what information is importantwhere it’s located, and how users interact with it.  

That’s why the ability to autonomously map and understand unregulated, unstructured data is the key to properly protecting your critical information assets. 

The yellow area represents Cognni’s scope, identifying the entire contents of your files, while the blue illustrates Information Discovery tools’ capabilities.
Cognni’s information intelligence goes beyond regulated expression (RegEx) and information discovery broadening the scope of what information can be known and if that information is critical. Cognni’s autonomous mapping also helps you understand where information lives, who accesses it and with whom it is shared.
Cognni considers the entire contents of a file and not just PII, PCI and PHI.

How our AI works 

Cognni’s AI mimics the thought process of the human brain, continuously learning from information flows and user activities to build an associative memory and recognize anomalies when they occur. When it comes to autonomously mapping and classifying information, Cognni considers the entire contents of a file as well as its context within an organization. The structure, text, tables, number sequences, and the order in which different elements appear within a file all contribute to Cognni’s understanding. Our AI technology can then recognize what ideas are being communicated and whether critical information is contained within a file.  

  • For example, Cognni’s AI goes beyond recognizing pre-defined terms like credit card numbers. It uses the entirety of files’ contents to understand that the file contains financial reports, or accounting statements.

This understanding not only allows Cognni to more accurately categorize critical information based on its internal contents and context, but also contributes to minimizing unwanted information exposure. For instance, Cognni can track and understand regular user activities, such as who has access to certain files and who should and should not be sharing confidential information. With this ever-growing understanding of user activity, Cognni establishes a dynamic baseline against which to check suspicious behavior and uncover any anomalies.  

  • For example, if Jen shares a statement of work (SOW) with David, Cognni questions and investigates if Jen normally shares SOWs, if David normally receives them, and if they typically share them with each other.

Avoid wasting costly time and resources with Information Intelligence  

Cognni’s autonomous capabilities save InfoSec teams hundreds of hours of work per month and the need to hire dozens of employees in an attempt to reap the benefits of human intelligenceIn fact, deploying Information Intelligence is seamless as it doesn’t require any training or user involvement. Information intelligence empowers and fills the gaps for InfoSec teams, going beyond what can be done with human intelligence alone.