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Cognni Apps

With Information Intelligence, MIP, MCAS, and Sentinel are smarter, more effective, and easier to manage.

Automating Microsoft Information Protection (MIP)

Cognni extends the reach of MIP, from identifying specific regulated terms (i.e. sensitive info types), to labelling files based on the entirety of their contents. This automates targeted MIP labelling, saving time implementing and maintaining MIP and protecting important information.

Where Cognni fits in:

  • 5-minute setup with out-of-the-box functionality
  • Automatically creates a set of MIP sensitivity labels based on Cognni’s mapping of important information categories
  • Automatically applies these labels to files containing important information on an ongoing basis
(1) Conni’s MCAS Extension, (2) Automatically Generated Polices Related to Financial Information

Automating Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS) - Coming Soon

Cognni makes implementing and managing MCAS easy. It leverages autonomous MIP labeling (see above) to create policies to detect when important information is shared with untrusted users or organizations. Using Cognni’s intelligence reduces alert overload & false positives, while providing extra context to incidents.

Where Cognni fits in:

  • Automatically creates a set of MCAS detection policies to identify High, Medium, and Low severity incidents
  • Detects incidents for each information category based on content sensitivity, as well as trusted users and organizations
  • Enables notifications, permission changes, and other actions based on individual policies
(1) Information Risk Workbook & Logs, (2) Cognni Alerts for an Employee

Automating Azure Sentinel - Coming Soon

Cognni brings Information Intelligence to Sentinel. This expands the scope of Sentinel coverage to include Cognni’s information categories, pinpointing risks to your important information.

Where Cognni fits in:

  • Detects risks through out-of-the-box incident workbooks
  • Delivers pre-configured analytics rules to detect incidents involving important information
  • Hunts for up-to the minute incidents
  • Adds to entity behavior monitoring by understanding which users have placed important information at risk