Enhanced Incident Remediation

When your information is at risk, you must act fast. Swift remediation is crucial to mitigating potential damage. This means that you must detect incidents immediately and impose controls to prevent exfiltration. But you must also identify how many copies and variations of the at-risk information exist, and where in your online environment they reside. Cognni monitors information across files and formats to help you prevent threats at the source.

Detailed Alerts

The most important aspect of remediation is remaining aware of your risks. Cognni uses Information Intelligence to provide more detailed alerts – based on advanced item analysis and context-driven user behavior patterns – and reduce the number of both false positives and false negatives.

Remediate Swiftly

The key to remediation is taking action quickly, and the most effective method for dealing with internal incidents is to identify where the at-risk information resides and impose controls. Using Cognni, you can identify which information is at risk, where it resides, and take the necessary steps to secure your information.

Find Every Copy

It is not enough to simply address information security in one location. Your sensitive information often resides in multiple documents strewn across your cloud environment. Cognni uncovers the information contained in each item, which, in turn, allows you to manage your security policies appropriately