Published Apr 27, 2022

Cognni Solutions: Forensic Investigation for Insider Threats and Data Breach

Cognni's AI is constantly monitoring company information flows and employee sharing activities to detect any attempted data breach or exfiltration of critical files

The Challenge:

Today, companies are inundated with threats from both internal and external sources as malicious actors aim to hack or exfiltrate all sorts of information for financial gain. For instance, highly critical information from company financial records to employee contracts are at risk and vulnerable to insider threats and data breach attempts. Critical information can also be exposed unintentionally by negligent company insiders who regularly engage in risky sharing behaviors. 

According to the 2022 Ponemon Cost of Insider Threats Global Report, at least 56% of insider threat incidents that companies have faced since 2020 were perpetrated by negligent insiders who were unaware of their risky information security (InfoSec) behaviors. 

There are several ways to identify whether employees may be putting critical information at risk including unawareness of InfoSec policies and a desire to simplify procedural security tasks

While it may seem impossible to get ahead of insider threats and the potential for data breach given these statistics, Cognni’s AI-driven solutions are tailored precisely to minimize these risks for every company.  

Our Solution:

Insider threats may seem impossible to track, but Cognni’s AI autonomously monitors critical information across Microsoft 365 apps to provide insights into suspicious information flows and risky sharing events. In reality, both negligent and malicious users use the same means to share company information: some send critical information to private emails, to external addresses, or with unsecured links. Others might send highly critical files to unauthorized company insiders.   For Example: If an employee shares a highly sensitive HR file to a private email address, Cognni can instantly highlight the incident and indicates that an unusual share has taken place. 

Cognni's dashboard shows where and how oversharing and insecure shares are taking place
Cognni’s intelligence dashboards showcase what, how, and where critical information assets move throughout an organization.

Cognni provides insights into who has been sharing or exposing highly critical HR info

You can drill down further to see who employees are, what they have shared, with whom, and additional details about the incident.  

Cognni finds which employees are involved in oversharing practices and how they interact with critical information
Cognni drills down to provide specific details of sharing events and potential exposures.

Regardless of the intent, Cognni’s forensic investigation feature pinpoints anomalous sharing behaviors, unauthorized shares, and unwanted information exposure. Our dashboards give you the insights you need to see what employees are sharing and whether this behavior poses a risk to your company’s critical information, finances, and compliance.   

We make it possible for companies to regularly monitor certain users or entities and their interaction with highly critical files by creating customizable “watch lists.” With this feature you can catch potential insider threats before any unwanted information exposures. Unleash the power of forensics, try Cognni free for 14 days!