Identify Appropriate Security Tools

If you have not yet established an information security program for your organization, it can be a daunting task. Without the proper tools it is impossible to truly understand what information exists, where it resides, and whether it is at risk. Information Intelligence allows Cognni to map your data, determine where the risks to your information lie, and help you to implement the proper tools with the necessary policies.

Uncover Existing Risks to Your Information

Cognni uncovers existing risks to your information so you can take action. It detects potential incidents and gathers the details necessary for effective remediation. This knowledge is crucial in determining which security tools to adopt and how to deploy them. By developing a comprehensive understanding of your risks, Cognni allows you to make informed decisions, saving you time and resources.
Many organizations struggle with properly governing their information. With Cognni, you can identify whether your sensitive information is being misused, and, if so, how it is being misused and which users are involved. By adopting a DLP solution, you can then use the knowledge provided by Cognni to label the relevant files and set policies to govern user activity. Once your files are properly label, you will be able to exert control over the activities in which they are involved.
CASBs provide another avenue through which to assert control over sensitive information. Once you understand the users and the types of information that you wish to govern, you can deploy a CASB and implement targeted policies to restrict the use of information to legitimate purposes. From there, any impropriety will appear as an alert that you can further investigate using Cognni’s insights.