Information Protection – Accelerate and Optimize Purview Integration

Case Study

The company

• Food manufacturer
• 8,000 employees

The Company’s Goal:

The food manufacturing company aims to strengthen their information Security (InfoSec) posture by integrating Purview Information Protection.

The Challenge:

Despite having 8,000 employees around the globe, the company's IT and InfoSec team consists of only 4 employees. The company doesn't have the time or resources to roll out and manage an Purview deployment project.

Cognni’s Solution

Cognni solved an ongoing classification issue for the food manufacturing company by autonomously labeling their critical business information and applying the labels automatically into their Purview interface. With Cognni’s seamless integration, the company was also able to customize labels based on their unique information categories and to then set relevant protection policies to mitigate risks to confidential assets.

The Outcome

Cognni’s integration with Purview allowed the company to finally finish their information protection project after being stuck for months with the limited manpower

Pressure on the company’s InfoSec team to single-handedly implement Purview was lifted and thousands of hours of work were saved

Purview labels and policies were autonomously put in place to minimize information sharing with untrusted or external recipients

Having the right intelligence is the key to protection!

We’re on a mission to transform the way you understand and secure your most critical information assets.