Investigate Incidents in Depth

The main goal of investigating incidents is to evaluate whether the flagged activities contain any impropriety, and to gather the information necessary to remediate any issues. Cognni aids in accomplishing both tasks. By uncovering the users and information involved in risky activity, you can then approach remediation with the knowledge you need to quickly and effectively mitigate existing risks

Investigate Existing Security Alerts

Using Cognni, you can conduct in-depth investigations into security you receive across a variety of security tools.

When you are notified of improprieties regarding information usage of user permissions, you can quickly track down the origin of your risks as well as related information. Armed with this knowledge, you can begin remediating incidents.

Uncover Hidden Risks

When Cognni detects a security incident, we recognize that your first priorities are to investigate what happened and remediate the issue. So, we provide you with information regarding the users involved in the incident, the files involved, and where the various copies of the file reside, so you can address issues at the source.

Remediate to Secure Your Information

Once you know where your information risks lie, and which users are involved, you can begin to address these risks through your security tools. Sensitive items can be labeled in your security tools, the proper policies can be implemented, and permissions can be applied, to grant you control of your information