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Information Intelligence On-Premises Mapping

We offer the first step to automating your InfoSec. Pushing beyond the limits of RegEx and known terms, Cognni’s Information Intelligence Mapping equips you with a complete picture of your critical information.

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Actionable insights for:

Cloud Migration

DLP implementations


3 Simple Steps

Complete Installation Quickly and Easily, with No Pre-Configuration Needed

Autonomously Map Your Critical Information Assets Stored on File Shares and On-Prem Servers

Access Unique Insights through Cognni’s On-Premises Information Intelligence Dashboard

Autonomously Map Your On-Premises Information

  • Map your critical information without your data ever leaving your premises
  • Classify your critical information with zero configuration

Information Intelligence Reports

  • Generate a detailed report to pinpoint your critical information
  • Use Cognni’s Information Intelligence dashboard to explore insights on unlimited volumes of data