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Autonomously maps your critical O365 information

Cognni’s human-like understanding is the key to mapping and classifying all the critical information assets in your company, going beyond today’s information discovery tools that focus on regulated information.

Onboarding in just 5 minutes eliminates the exhaustive work of understanding your critical information.

Cognni provides unprecedented intelligence, showing you what critical information exists, and where it is shared.

With AI doing the work, you ensure users’ information is never compromised.

Our AI works out of the box with no manual input or training.

Cognni helps you understand what kind of information the files contain, and which departments use them, without having to look at files manually.

Cognni automates and enhances your MIP labeling to expand the scope of your protection.

Cognni recognizes that information is the core of security, tracking and monitoring every version, draft and copy containing information.

Automatically consolidates investigation details for both information and events, saving you the trouble of tracking down and recording insights.

Know exactly where your information is located, what is being shared, where it’s headed and who is sharing it.