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Go beyond InfoSec

Information Intelligence is the only way to make your InfoSec autonomous​

What do we do?

What is information

Information Intelligence is an AI-powered approach to mapping information and detecting when information is at risk, bringing human understanding to information protection.​

Automate Your Protection

Step 1: Intelligent Mapping

Autonomously maps all your important information so that you know what to protect.

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Step 2: Intelligent Detection

Intelligently detects risks to your important information, autonomously clearing the noise.

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Step 3: Intelligent Response

Automate precise actions with the actionable insights Cognni provides.

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Automating M365 InfoSec

with Information Intelligence

Cognni & MIP

Creates and applies labels to protect your important information

Cognni & MCAS

Automatically detects shares to untrusted users and organizations

Cognni & Sentinel

Compiles actionable insights to protect important information

Our Partners

We are the industry leader in Information Intelligence

We’re on a mission to transform how you understand the meaning of your shared business information.

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Information Intelligence is the key to automation

Autonomously does the work that takes your team 100s of hours to complete

Automates MIP labeling & reduces the number of false alerts in MCAS.

No setup, no implementation. SaaS or on-prem.

No end user involvement. No disruption to business productivity

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