Security & Compliance – Inventory and Protect Highly Confidential Board Meeting Notes

Case Study

The company

• Bank
• 5,000 employees

The Company’s Goal:

With thousands of Microsoft 365 users and continued expansion ahead, the bank wants to improve their processes for locating, mapping, and protecting critical information assets across their cloud environment.

The Challenge:

As part of a board review process the CEO asked the organization’s IT team and CISO how they plan to ensure that all of the bank’s critical legal information and particularly information recorded in confidential board meeting notes are secure.

Cognni’s Solution

Cognni’s Information Intelligence dashboards and insights provided the visibility that the bank needed to identify, locate, and inventory all its most critical legal information, including sub-information types like board meeting minutes, contracts, and board hearings. Once the organization’s unregulated information sprawl was accounted for, Cognni automated Purview Information Protection labeling to reassign access controls and policies to enhance information protection for the bank’s most important assets.

The Outcome

Cognni mapped the bank’s critical legal information out-of-the-box

Cognni provided insights into who was sharing and exposing this type of information, illuminating previously undiagnosed risks within the organization’s cloud environment

By automating Purview labeling with Cognni, the bank was able to create the correct access permissions and policies to properly protect critical information assets

Having the right intelligence is the key to protection!

We’re on a mission to transform the way you understand and secure your most critical information assets.