Why Cognni?

Industry Leader

Our AI-driven content recognition is the key to risk mitigation, bringing 500% better visibility to corporate digital environments than competing solutions.

Works out of the box​

Cognni works out of the box to map, assess, and triage your company's unregulated information sprawl across M365 environments.

Unique content recognition

Cognni's AI uses Human-like intelligence to analyze your critical information and understand not just what keywords are contained, but what files' contents mean.

The Cognni Difference

Unlike tools that classify data based on the presence of specific terms within a file, Cognni asks, “what does this information mean and why is it important to your organization?” It’s the difference between knowing which files contain credit card or passport numbers and whether a file is a confidential financial report or board meeting minutes.

Privacy Regulations

GDPR Information

Social security numbers

Personal info

Credit card numbers


Critical Business Information

Legal - POA, Agreemets, etc

HR - Recruitment, Discipline, etc

Finance - Salary, Accounting, etc

Governance - Board meetings, etc

Business - SOW, etc

Requires human-like intelligence

Cognni is fully autonomous and provides companies with a granular breakdown of the information moving throughout their organization, using the power of AI to map and monitor 500% more critical information than competing solutions, with unparalleled accuracy.

4 Ways That Cognni Works for You

We shift the focus of information classification beyond regulated keyword and term searches to uncover abstract critical information.

Our AI considers the entire context of a file to understand what deeper information is contained within it.
We understand your information at a granular level and can autonomously assess the information flows across your Microsoft 365 environment to reveal undiagnosed risks.
Cognni’s intelligence integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) to automate your classification and protection.

Five reasons why you need Cognni to optimize your InfoSec

Works out-of-the-box and will be up and running with just a few clicks

We save you valuable time and money – so that your InfoSec team can maximize their resources

No user training needed to operate effectively

Works autonomously with no disruption to workflows or business continuity

Bridges the compliance gap – balancing staying compliant with data privacy regulations and properly protecting company data