Implement Accurate Policies

Configuring Your Security Tools

Effective information security hinges on the proper configuration of your security tools. Whether you are implementing security policies for the first time or revisiting your configuration, your policies must be fine-tuned to match your needs and protect your most sensitive and at-risk information. Cognni provides the knowledge you need to properly configure your security and mitigate risks to your information.

In order to properly calibrate your security tools, it is crucial to understand the risks to your information. Cognni provides the knowledge you need to proper target your security, including:

  • How sensitive documents are being shared.
  • The spread of documents among users.
  • Anonymous-access sharing links.

Understanding these risks grants you the ability to pre-emptively configure your security to reflect the risks in your cloud environment.

Once you have decided on the appropriate security tools, Cognni assists you during their configuration by revealing unresolved incidents and identifying emerging risks. This information is invaluable, directing your approach to policy-creation and ensuring that you can address all the risks to your information, no matter how small.

Once you are aware of the risks to your information, you can begin to reconfigure your security tools.

  • OneDrive: tweak access & share permissions can reflect the appropriate level of accessibility.
  • MCAS: configure policies to reflect necessary access permissions
  • MIP: govern high-risk information and employees.