What We Do

Autonomous assessment, recommendations, and mitigation

Industry Leading AI

Our intelligence autonomously understands your critical information better than any other tool in the market:

  1. What exists
  2. Who is sharing it
  3. How it behaves

Intelligent dashboards provide a clear breakdown of your information risks and behavior on a daily basis, eliminating thousands of hours of work every month.

Regular Data

  • Social security numbers
  • GDPR Information
  • Personal info
  • Credit card numbers

Critical Information

  • Legal – POA, Agreements
  • HR – Recruitment, Discipline
  • Finance – Salaries, Accounting
  • Governance – Board Meeting Minutes
  • Business – SOW

Understand your critical information and take action

Maintain consistent oversight of your critical information

Uncover risky information behavior and user activities

Use insights to configure security

Investigate incidents, anomalous user behaviors, and information flows

Unlock Microsoft Security and Compliance automations

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Cognni & Microsoft
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Cognni for Purview Information Protection

Cognni & Information Protection:
The First Step to Protecting Your Critical Information

What is it?

MPIP facilitates file labeling, allowing you to manage access, encrypt, and create alerts to your mapped files.

Where’s the gap?

You can’t protect what you can’t find. There is an industry gap between what machines can understand, and what humans can manually handle.

Why is Cognni crucial?

Cognni integrates with MPIP to provide file labeling with human intelligence at machine speed and scale. We understand your critical information by assessing not whether it contains a certain term, but what the content means. That allows us to:

  • Automate more label applications
  • with greater accuracy
  • to uniquely granular information categories.

At Least Four Reasons Why You Need Cognni to Optimize Purview:

Automation is the name of the game! Cognni autonomously maps and classifies critical, unregulated information assets that are overlooked by most data discovery and DLP systems.

Purview labeling can be fully automated with information intelligence.

Traditional DLP systems are limited by inflexible regulations and disrupt business continuity.
Expanding the scope of Purview labeling allows companies to set more accurate, targeted data loss prevention policies.

The added visibility provided by Cognni’s human-like understanding reduces the need for manual oversight of Purview policies by InfoSec teams.

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