Forensic Investigation – Create a Watchlist / Monitor Departing Employees

Case Study

The company

• Engineering Firm
• 1,800 employees

The Company’s Goal:

The engineering firm is changing strategy and 80 employees have been let go. The company wants to ensure that none of the employees that have been fired or that are on notice periods have access to highly critical business information and can exfiltrate documents for personal use or gain outside the company.

The Challenge:

According to existing company trends, approximately 65% of employees leave with critical company assets and information in their possession. Thus far, the engineering firm has not found a tool that can successfully map their most critical information assets and monitor risky employee sharing behaviors.

Cognni’s Solution

With Cognni’s content recognition and autonomous mapping capabilities the company was able to build an adaptable inventory of their most critical information based on customizable information categories. They were also able to use Cognni’s forensic investigation features to monitor information flows and user sharing activities that highlight whether critical files are being shared to external sources, via insecure links, and potentially exfiltrated from the company. The company used these insights to build a flexible watchlist focused on employees that were leaving the company to track specific employees’ information sharing activities and the movement of important files in their possession.

The Outcome

Cognni’s autonomous solutions allowed the company to properly configure their Microsoft security posture and ensure that departing employees were not leaving with confidential information.

Cognni provided transparency into information flows across the company’s cloud environment

Employee information sharing activities were properly monitored and assessed for associated risks

Based on Cognni’s intelligence and insights, the company’s M365 security posture can be properly configured moving forward

Having the right intelligence is the key to protection!

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