Published May 25, 2022

Cognni Solutions: Automate MIP to Improve Labeling Accuracy and Scope

Cognni's AI autonomously classifies companies' most critical information and works alongside MIP to automate labeling

The Challenge:

Microsoft provides numerous security offerings and licensing options across the M365 environment to ensure that users and their data stay secure in today’s uncertain digital world. 

Microsoft 365 security starts with deploying Microsoft Information Protection (MIP), a tool that applies sensitivity labels to company data, while also helping the user set access and encryption policies to keep their vulnerable data secure. MIP can be used both on premises and in the cloud to classify data, prevent data loss, and set data governance protocols.  

However, MIP has a limited scope, labeling files in a semi-autonomous manner based on regular expressions such as PII and PHI and requiring heavy user involvement to ensure that labels are applied correctly to sensitive data. This scenario often slows down the implementation of MIP into company security posture as the volume of information requiring protection extends beyond both out-of-the-box automations and human capacity.  

Our Solution:

Cognni works alongside MIP to enhance visibility and increase protection for end users. 

By utilizing a more holistic approach to mapping and understanding information, Cognni uncovers and categorizes a vast amount of critical, unstructured information, normally not visible to information security tools. Cognni’s integration with MIP enables companies to expand the scope of their InfoSec configuration without disrupting workflows or involving end users. 

MIP has a limited scope focused on information discovery techniques to secure regulated data, but Cognni goes beyond to classify previously undetected critical information that is integral to company security
Cognni’s AI-driven information intelligence and content recognition provide a granular-level of understanding when it comes to critical information, detecting data beyond MIP’s lens and improving labeling accuracy.

With Cognni’s human-like level of content recognition and autonomous mapping, Cognni can easily access and label information categories that MIP would otherwise overlook and leave unprotected. Pairing MIP with Cognni also significantly cuts down the time and effort that companies would typically need to spend on implementing MIP independently.  

Together, Cognni and MIP are unmatched in protecting companies’ most critical information assets and minimizing unwanted exposures.  Unlock the full potential of Cognni + MIP, try Cognni free for 14 days!